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Eastern Sea  General Contracting EST is a Saudi establishment started in the year 2005 with the objective of providing support & maintenance services in field of Gas & Oil and other basic Industries. ITC has grown significantly in subsequent years we are now one of the most successful and fast growing establishment in Plant services and Manpower supply in Jubail. Though we embarked in our journey as a sub-contractor, the journey wasn’t so smooth, but the hardship and pain during the initial days were held close to our heart and raised above all hurdles by sheer result of our untiring determination and perseverance that paved the way for us to emerge as a successful company.

Eastern Sea  has always accepted challenging opportunities and this is an indication of our confidence in our expertise and quality of contracting services. Our vast, diversified experience and profound knowledge of our to ensures that we can achieve the desired result. Our main aim is customer satisfaction.

In the next 5 years our mission will be to provide, quality, efficient, effective and competitive service & differentiation to wide range of industries throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And Eastern Sea will constantly seek leverage its core competencies and strength depending of its resources and strong balance sheet to serve its strategy.

Now we are positioning ourselves as a “Turnkey Contracting Company”mainly for Maintenance ,Turn-around job, Shut-down and Modification projects, depending on our financial resources and knowledge management.

CEO Eastern Sea